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Quality Control

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Our Quality Control

Our team of certified raters make us qualified for any pavement management project.  Quality data is important to any asset management project.  With quality data, upper management and decision makers are able to make accurate decisions about their project work plans.  AMS adheres to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) quality management plan.  Our plan is very unique and separates ourselves from others in the pavement management industry.  We use our OWN state-of-the-art technology.  We have adopted a hybrid approach method that uses both traditional walking survey inspection followed by a pavement surface scan using a mobile mapping system.  This ensures that the inspection is representative of the pavement section.  

Below is a sample image that has been taken from our mobile mapping system and imported into ESRI ArcGIS.​

Below is a sample image that has been processed by the user.  Distresses types and severities have been identified by using the measuring tools within ArcGIS.  With these geo-referenced images and distress types and quantities allow for these attributes to be easily calculated and imported into any pavement management system.  The challenge for most pavement management inspection teams is the fact that they can't easily locate their quality control inspection.  With this quality approach, ensures that the PCI is consistent and accurate.  Rutting and distortions are measured using lidar/laser scanners and weathering and raveling is done on site.  

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