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About Us

AMS was founded on the principle that local agencies can become better stewards of their infrastructure assets if they have reliable data and the right technology.  We believe that every pothole or crack in the pavement tells its own story, and having access to that story can help our clients make better decisions about their infrastructure assets.  We are passionate about asset and pavement management data collection, GIS, and utilizing the latest technology and innovation, such as LiDAR, to collect and analyze data.  We are the only company specializing in infrastructure asset management and can build systems that make our data collection process one of a kind.  Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide clients with accurate data and reports to assist decision-making. We understand the importance of proper asset management and want to help our clients make informed decisions to maximize their investment.

We are proud to be a small business.  It lets us focus on our clients and create a more personal experience.  We pay close attention to their needs and wants, ensuring we can provide the best service possible.  We work on improving our technology just so that we can deliver quality service without increasing our prices.  


Founded in  2006

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Innovative | Passionate | Dedicated

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