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Dry Dirt Road

Unsurfaced Road Assessments

At AMS we help agencies and organization maintain unsurfaced roads.  Unsurfaced road surfaces are roads that do not have any portland cement, asphalt concrete, or any other surface treatment.  With our experience coupled with our state-of-the-art technology AMS has the means to derive a condion and roughness value.  We assess the unsurfaced road cross-sectioAt AMS, we specialize in helping agencies and organizations maintain unsurfaced roads. Unsurfaced roads are those that don't have any surface treatment like portland cement or asphalt concrete. With our vast experience and cutting-edge technology, we can assess the condition and roughness of these roads. Our assessment includes evaluating the road cross-section, drainage, corrugations, dust, potholes, rutting, and loose aggregate. We use solid-state lidar sensors to create a 3-D image of the unsurfaced road, which helps our raters determine the depth of potholes or ruts, or the presence of ponding or debris in the ditch that could cause problems.n, drainage, corrugations, dust, potholes, rutting, and loose aggregate.  With our solid-state-lidar sensors we are able to paint a 3-D picture of the unsurfaced paved road, helping our raters determine how deep potholes or ruts are, or evidence of ponding or overgrowth debris in the ditch causing.  Our vehicle has off-road capability to scan almost any type of unsurfaced road.  

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