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UAV Control Center

Geospatial Services


Our Geospatial Services has evolved over 18 years.  In the 2000's we collected data using rugged Trimble GeoXH's to collect points such as manholes, inlets, and poles; now we drive a vehicle equipped with sensors that are used for autonomous vehicles to collect infastructure assets.  We used to develop and write avenue scripts in ArcView 3.x to interface with StreetSaver, now, we're using python to interface with API's or StreetSaver API to push and pull information.  We live in a digital age of measuring and capturing infrastructure assets from images and lidar.  AMS is at the forefront of this emerging technology in our industry, and we are using this to help our clients become better prepared when making decisions on prioritizing assets.   Often times we find that the challenging part is collecting data, and with technology now we can streamline the process using deep learning tools to help automate.  

Our mobile mapping systems are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and they're couple with GPS and inertial navigation systems (INS) equipped with real-time-kinematic (RTK) corrections that allow for mm to less than an inch of horizontal accuracy.   Our systems output images, .las (lidar data), IRI (International Roughness Index), Rutting Index, and other geospatial formats that can be easily imported into any GIS or CAD software.  

AMS is a proud business partner of ESRI.  We are a Federal Small Business Specialty and provide application development, data conversion/migration, data modeling & database design, GIS strategy and Planning, and System Integration.  

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