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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful tool that has become the norm of everyday business practice in government and private industries.  It provides a framework for gathering maps and databases to provide spatial data so that it can be displayed and analyzed.  Integration of third-party software systems that contain information are being programmed to link with GIS technology. 

AMS has been working closely with agencies and organizations for many years in all facets of GIS technology.  We have been part of projects where GIS has helped many organizations improve business operations, improve public safety, improve asset conditions, and improve the level of service.  

Here's the AMS Difference

  • GIS Experience –  AMS Consulting has been a proud ESRI Business partner for over ten years.  We have taken our specialized field to great lengths with GIS technology.  We have worked with many agencies in helping them improve day-to-day business operations.  We have worked as on-call consultants with many agencies and understand GIS needs. 

  • Innovation –  As a proud ESRI Business partner, we push the envelope on innovation.  Our niche is in the field.  We were one of the first companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to use 360 degree imaging technology to inventory assets.  We are the first to use video-based imaging that links to ArcGIS.  This information is essential for our clients when it comes to planning and analyzing infrastructure.  We are the first to use ArcGIS python to communicate with StreetSaver™ web API.  We are the first to use ArcGIS version 10.x to link with StreetSaver™. 

GIS Services

  • Application Development

  • GIS Data Collection and Inventory

  • Data Conversion/Migration

  • Data Model and Database Design

  • GIS Strategy and Planning

  • Implementation

  • Needs and Requirements Asset Management/Pavement Management

  • System Integration with Asset Management/Pavement Management

  • GIS Training and Services for Asset Management


AMS is a proud partner of ESRI.  We have developed hardware and ESRI GIS add-ins to connect to valuable GIS datasets.  

About us


AMS is one of the few companies in the industry that use advance technologies such as mobile mapping systems and GIS to integrate with pavement management processes.