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360 HD Imaging

Images are essential when it comes to asset management.  In many years of infrastructure valuation and assessments, it is very challenging to associate costs and conditions without a visual of the asset.  At AMS, we are the only companies in the area that own equipment that precisely does high-definition imaging of infrastructure right-of-way and facility reality capture.  We've also integrated GPS data with each of our high-definition images, showing each picture's location.  This information is helpful when conducting right-of-way points of interest and feature extraction.  This information can also be integrated with LiDaR data for precise measurements.  


  • 12K/72 mega pixel images that are georeferenced

  • Can be integrated with off-the-shelf software for feature extraction

  • Can be integrated with ESRI ArcGIS pro and other ESRI products

  • Built-in large computer, large internal storage to capture all day

  • Can be mounted to any vehicle


Perfect Application for:

  • Moment in time images to understand the condition of the asset each year

  • Images are high definition and are very clear for use for quality assurance and quality control documentation

  • Pre and Post conditions

  • Documenting and aiding agencies with post natural disasters

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