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Scanning assets
One mile at a time

​I would highly recommend AMS  Consulting for pavement management system update!

City of Livermore


Pavement Management


We specialize in implementing and updating pavement management systems.

mobile mapping

AMS has designed its own roadside image technology and lidar 360 data capture.

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asset management planning

We help organizations, inventory, assess, prioritize and execute.   


AMS is at the forefront of technology to capture infrastructure asset information safely and cost-effectively.  In addition, we partner with the some of innovative companies in the industry.  

Right-of-Way Assets

Using AMS 360 degree imagery and video based technology from our mobile mapping system, we are able to conduct object detections such as signs, poles, markings, and guardrails.  This technology enables our team to make one pass in each direction and use object oriented technology that will automatically attach a GPS location and identify the asset.  Using this process can save time and resources for data collection.   

AMS Asset Dashboard

Asset Dash is an AMS solution that is powered by ESRI products.  This solution enables users to get high level information on their assets without going directly into the asset management software.  This tool is simple to use and provides insight on their assets (road conditions, sidewalks, ramps, trees, etc.). AMS dash also provides links to images and video.  

Contact us today to help customize a dash for you.  

AMS Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AMS is developing an AI system for improving quality assurance/quality control for pavement management.  Our goal for our AI system is to help agencies track and manage potholes.  

In our twenty plus years of pavement management experience AI is not there yet.  However, AI can be useful to enhance your pavement QA/QC methodolgy.  

For other assets such as signs and trees, AMS uses other third-party proprietary applications for automated data collection.  These solutions use our mobile mapping data (images and lidar) to auto detect roadside assets and features.

Contact us today for more information.  

Enhancing Pavement Survey with GIS

AMS is leveraging ESRI GIS products for pavement management survey.  Using AMS mobile mapping system technology and converting panoramic images to orthos, AMS is able to measure ASTM 6433 standards to quantify distress types and defects.  This information is a solution for pre and post pavement condition surveys as well as assigning conditions for parking lots.


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