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AMS offers a variety of asset management solutions for both the private and public sector.  With the success of our projects AMS has grown to build solutions and technology to provide our clients with high quality asset management services.  With our state-of-the-art partners we provide our clients with the the most cost-effective solution.  
AMS provides various software packages suitable for your asset management needs.  We offer pavement management, GIS, and feature extraction asset software packages.  
AMS works with agencies in the public sector to ensure that the data collected and the software implemented is not shelfware.  We work with agencies to help them manage the life cycle of their assets.  
AMS works with organizations in the private sector to provide infrastructure asset management tools for data collection and asset management services.  
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AMS provides pavement management for organizations in the private and public sector.  We specialize in pavement condition surveys for roads, parking lots and trails or bike lanes.  
AMS works with organizations in helping them enhance current business practices through GIS.  We help our clients visualize and analyze asset data.  
AMS is proud to have developed a technology that has enhanced our business practices.  We leverage technology to our business practices to ensure that our clients get cost-effective and quality data.  
With our engineers and accredited professionals we work with organizations in providing LEED certifications.  With our technology, we can scan facilities and buildings using lidar technology.  This technology can be used to build an asset registry, provide facility managers or auditors with a means of navigating and locating of assets.  
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