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Over 10 Years 


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Why AMS?

AMS has been implementing and updating pavement management systems throughout the West Coast since our inception.  Our team of certified raters make us qualified for any pavement management project.  We have been serving as a technical consultant to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) since the inception of our company.  We have been providing pavement technical assistance to local agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced with the StreetSaver pavement management system.  We have been working with the software since 1997.  Our staff participates in the development meetings and testing and making recommendations of software enhancements.  

As a California Small Business we don't have as high as an overhead as most companies and as a result, we are able to make implementations and updates affordable and cost-effective. In addition, our mission is to leverage innovation and technology with our work-flow.  With our progressive approaches we obtain field data accurately, efficiently and safely.  Through technology we are able to provide our clients with the resources to make better and informed decisions about their pavement assets.  

Arccurate, Efficient and Safety

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