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AMS Consulting is one of the few companies in California and the west coast to develop a hardware system to improve right-of-way asset data collection.  We use state-of-the-art technology to safely collect data from our office.  This technology enables our team to collect and manage assets such as bridges, buildings, highways, power stations, sidewalks, curb ramps, trails, guard rails, utility poles, trees, or any other assets that area accessible by vehicle or bicycle.

We use Applanix and Topcon mobile mapping technology for our projects. 

360 Camera





We offer mobile mapping technology that  offers high-density, high-precision point clouds, coupled with high-resolution panorama images.  

Our AMS mapping system and Topcon System integrate an inertial measurement unit (also known as an IMU), GNSS receiver (GPS and GLONASS), and a vehicle distance measuring encoder.  It provides precise positioning and attitude in a dynamic environment.  

The lidar sensors capture the environment at a rate of 700,000 pulses per second.  During each rotation, the 32 lasers cover the full 360 degrees around the system, each from a slightly different viewing angle.  

This technology is not limited to just roads, we can go off-road, train, or even a boat.  


Off-Road Mobile Mapping Imaging

The power is at your finger tips.


Not only does mobile mapping get you accurate locations of these assets, but it can measure anything the lidar touches.  This information allows users to be able to visit the site without going into the field.  Additionally, users won't need to shut down roads just to measure widths of the roads, bridge clearances, utility pole arms, traffic sign widths, etc.  With off-the-shelf software, allows for systems like AMS to import panoramas, trajectory information, and lidar (.las) to analyze assets further.  We can analyze and report volumes, we can create profiles and cross-sections of roads (which can be useful information to identify crowns), we can measure slopes on ramps; and we can automatically detect poles, trees, and signs.  

ams VER. 3.0

AMS VER. 2.0

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