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AMS Consulting is one of the few companies in California and the west coast to develop a hardware system to improve right-of-way asset data collection.  We use state-of-the-art technology to safely collect data from our office.  This technology enables our team to collect and manage assets such as bridges, buildings, highways, power stations, sidewalks, curb ramps, trails, or any other assets that area accessible by vehicle or bicycle.


Our technology utilizes Applanix Pos LV technology.  This technology is used on self-driving vehicles.  It is designed to operate under the most difficult GPS conditions found in urban and suburban areas, it enables for accurate road positioning for road geometry, pavement inspections, GIS database, vehicle dynamics, asset management, and many more.  

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In order for our AMS team to quickly extract features, we also have a Velodyne Lidar System equipped with a 32 laser scanner that shoots 700,000 points a second.  This high resolution scanner is coupled with our Applanix Pos Lv technology that every point taken is georeferenced.  





AMS also uses a 30 mega pixel industrial camera that takes high resolution images for asset feature extraction.  Our Applanix Pos Lv system is designed to take a 360 degree panoramic image every 1-3 meters.  The 360 degree camera is made by Flir systems and has been calibrated to industry standard to ensure that the blending of images are accurate.  The camera company has been around for many years and is one of the only companies to develop a technology that blends the photos perfectly.  

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