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About us

 We are Innovative.  

Pavement Management


We specialize in implementing and updating pavement management systems.

mobile mapping

AMS has designed its own roadside image technology and lidar 360 data capture.

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asset management planning

We help organizations, inventory, assess, prioritize and execute.   


AMS is at the forefront of technology to capture infrastructure asset information safely and cost-effectively.  In addition, we partner with the some of innovative companies in the industry.  


GIS and StreetSaver LInkage

AMS Consulting has developed a linkage between ESRI ArcGIS 10.x to the MTC StreetSaverOnline pavement management system.  This linkage allows the agency to dynamically connect to a jurisdiction's pavement management database without going through StreetSaver.  The user will have the tools with ArcGIS to spatially view current conditions, historical and future workplans as well as future conditions.  

Sign Inventory

AMS has completed many sign inventory projects for local agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With our state-of-the-art technology, we can complete an updated inventory efficiently and cost-effectively versus traditional inventory projects.  

Parking Lots and Trails

AMS also specializes in assessing trails and parking lots.  These assets are just as important as City streets.  They provide a service to the community who use public facilities.  Contact us today  to help build a parking lot/trail program.  

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