Asset Management Planning

Helping clients with Asset Management Planning  .

Sustainability and Facilities Management

AMS is helping clients in the private and public sector achieve LEED certifications with USGBC.  Read more...

Pavement Management Systems

We specialize in providing Pavement Management Services to local government agencies. We are a qualified consulting firm with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) providing asset management and pavement management services to local agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our inspectors are certified raters under the MTC's Data Quality Management Plan.  Read more...

AMS Mobile Mapping Technology

AMS Consulting provides state-of-the-art mobile mapping data collection services.  AMS is one of the few companies in Northern California who provide this type of service and technology. This information is useful for agencies who seek alternative options of populating infrastructure asset information into asset management systems.  This technology differs from traditional on the ground handheld units.  This technology is done efficiently, safely, cost effectively, and accurately.  This type of technology uses Inertial Measuring Units (IMU), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, DMI (Digital Measuring Instrument), Lidar, and a 360 degree camera sensor.  This information is pulled into our feature extraction software where we can extract infrastructure assets that are positioned within a Right-of-Way (ROW).  This application is useful for utilities, GIS asset management projects and transportation projects (StreetSaver and MicroPaver).

Right-of-Way Asset Inventory

Right-of-Way Data Collection

Data collection is the largest workload component of any asset management program.  Let AMS help you collect assets within your right-of-way more efficiently and cost effectively using state-of-the-art technology.
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IT and AM Strategic Planning

Information Technology Needs and Master Planning

Combining our experience in the private sector and public entities, we evaluate and make recommendations on more than application functionality requirements.  We aim at the overall health and strength of the IT organization includding staffing, training, coverage, information security, up-time, technology life cycle, and more. 
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Infrastructure and GASB-34

Infrastructure and GASB-34

AMS can map and document facilities and infrastructure by using its 360º technology.  This technology can help clients with asset management and facilities management as well as comply with various compliance such as GASB-34.

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As a Business Partner with industry-leading GIS software company, ESRI, AMS brings geospatial solutions to the private and public sector.  Our technology and services will help integrate geospatial with facilities and infrastructure.

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About AMS Consulting

AMS Consulting was founded in 2006 with the primary focus of providing infrastructure and facility asset management services to clients in the private and public sector.  As a business with unique specialties coupled with our experience, we are trying to help clients maintain and protect their investments through asset management practices.   Our company started on providing data collection and information on infrastructure assets to local governments.  Since then, we offer our clients a wide range of specialized services from planning, engineering and technology.  Our goal is to help every client acquire the right information about their assets so that they can make the right decisions at the right time. We Specialize in: Infrastructure Asset Management, Asset Management Systems,  Pavement Management Systems, Geographic Information Systems, Mobile Mapping Systems,  Lidar, Facilities Management, Sustainability, and Information Technology.